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Telematics for Off Highway

Telematics for Off Highway

STW Technic launched the latest version of our Vehicle Data System Software and Services, VDS – Remote, targeted at simplifying some of the major challenges of Off Highway Telematics. STW’s VDS-Remote offers a complete best-of-breed solution for local and remote connectivity, diagnostics and analytics.

One of the greatest challenges for a connectivity or telematics system that is providing access to a large number of machines is the management of changes in configuration. STW’s Vehicle Data System has addressed this challenge by creating a powerful centralized configuration mechanism that provides a means to easily change the configuration of individual machines or entire fleets in an automated manner.

vds_diagnostics2What’s New?


VDSR now manages the configuration of its data ‘readers’ through a central database. Configurations for CAN freestyle, J1939, CANOpen, Modbus and DBC can be created and modified at any time remotely.

These configurations can then be applied to individual machines, groups of machines or entire fleets. The next time that the machine comes ‘online’ and communicates with the VDSR server it will be updated with the desired configuration. Thus, an entire fleet can be updated with a single click of the mouse without any additional manual effort.


VDSR also adds the powerful capability of flashing a controller with a new application program. This interactive feature allows machine developers to update vehicles in the field with controller enhancements or bug fixes at any time and in any location.

This feature works with STW’s complete range of off-highway controllers.


Another important feature added in this latest VDSR release is the capability to access the most recent log files from any vehicle remotely without being connected to the telematics device. If desired, the most recent log files from each vehicle will be automatically uploaded to the VDSR server whenever the device is connected to the server.

These files will be available for download by remote users at any time.

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